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Taking The Confusion Out Of Vaping

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  • Z-Biip from @innokintechnology
Clean and easy to fill. Great battery life. Built to last and a really satisfying vape.
The mouthpiece is cigarette butt sized to help with making the experience feel even more natural and when not in use there is a dust guard lid to keep it clean. Theres an adjustable draw to get it just spot on and 3 power settings to turn up or down the intensity of the vapour. If you want something that will last all day then the Z Biip is a perfect choice
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  • Do you use a device that you can swap the batteries in and out of.
We recommend using a good external charger like this VC4 from Xtar to get the safest and most efficient charge for your cells.
You can find this and other chargers on our website. Link is in our bio.
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  • With the word vaping being used so negatively in recent weeks mostly related to black market cannabis products here is a reminder that regulated harm reducing nicotine vaping products are saving lives and helping millions of people worldwide.
All information from the National Health Service (NHS)
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  • When your vape is playing up and you need to really go in to fix it. #tbt #vape #vapers #vapersonline #vaperscommunity
  • The excellent Kroma Zenith Kit from @innokintechnology @vapingreek & @philbusardo
One of our highly recommended kits. Great for starters and experienced vapers alike.
If you just want to skip the rest and buy the best then you wont go far wrong with this set up
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  • New in store & Online The highly praised
Vaporesso Gen 220w mod
All the features we have come to expect with a great chip Takes 2 X 18650 batteries sold separately that are preferably charged in a external charger like the new Vc2s from Xtar
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Welcome To Vapers Online

Thank you for visiting Vapers Online. Our aim is to take the confusion out of vaping by simplifying your shopping experience. Whilst there may be a huge amount of liquids and vaping devices available to the UK market today, we only stock what we believe to be the very best available within each category at the most affordable price point.

Every device we sell has been vigorously tested to the point where we can hand on heart say you will have a good experience with. In fact, we are so confident with our selection processes we extend all manufacturers warranties to 3 months when most manufacturers offer 30 days. (For any and all manufacturing faults)

When it comes to e-liquids, even before liquids were covered by TPD legislation we have only ever stocked products if the manufacturers could prove 1) They were manufactured in ISO rated labs and 2) They could provide independent toxicology reports.

Our aim at Vapers Online has always been to create what we believe to be, the perfect vape store. The kind of store we as vapers would like to shop in, and we hope we have achieved that. nb: We are always open to suggestions if you have any ideas that would improve your shopping experience with us.