What Nicotine Strength do I need?

This decision will be made based on the device you are choosing, if it is a mouth to lung or a direct to lung device and the amount of traditional cigarettes you used to smoke. For an explanation of mouth to lung and direct to lung please see the frequently used terms section.

Mouth to lung

0 to 5 cigarettes a day – 3mg

5 to 10 cigarettes a day – 6mg

10 to 20 cigarettes a day – 12mg

20 to 25+ cigarettes a day – 18mg

Everyone is different but use this as a guide so you know where to start.

For most people it will tickle your throat for a day or two until you get used to it but if it is really irritating perhaps go down a strength and try that. If you find you can’t put the device down and it’s a problem then go up a strength.

Direct to lung.

5 to 15 cigarettes a day – 3mg

15 plus cigarettes a day – 6mg

Anything above a 6mg for most in a direct to lung device will be very harsh but everyone is different so if that’s what you need then go for it.

The main thing to remember here is nicotine wasn’t the thing in traditional tobacco that was doing the damage. Think of it like caffeine it essentially is as harmful to the body as that.