Vape Tanks

We have a wide range of vape tanks available at Vapers Online, from budget-friendly and simple to use direct replacements for your vape to full on sub-ohm tanks. Here you’ll find a massive range of e-cig tanks to browse, whether you’re starting out with putting together a vape kit, upgrading an existing vape or seeking a spare tank, we stock all of the kit required. From mouth to lung vapes to Sub Ohm kits, here you’ll find a variety of different tank sizes and capacities, all of which are TPD compliant.

Tanks have a sash top right to show the recommended PG VG ratio for the tank. This does not mean it will not work with other ratios it is an optimum thickness of e-liquid for best performance. As a general rule Mouth to Lung prefer 50/50 to 70Vg eliquid and Sub Ohm tanks prefer 70VG plus


Once you’ve decided on your box mod, it’s time to pick that all-important vape tank before you can fill it with your favourite e-liquid and begin to enjoy the vaping experience. So what is a vape tank?

What is a Vape Tank?

The tank is the component of your device that holds reserve vape juice as well as the coil, the component which heats up the liquid and produces the vapour. First of all, it’s integral that you pick a vape tank that’s compatible with your vaping rig, 99% of devices and all of our tanks and mods here at Vapers Online have standard fitments. 


It’s also important to remember that many vape tanks differ slightly in terms of their specifications, for example featuring a greater power output, so assess what size tank you want to attach as well as the specs that the e-cig tank offers. Here at Vapers Online, you’ll find a fantastic range of e-cig tanks that are completely TPD compliant, while all of our tanks by law cannot hold more than 2ml of e-liquid at the point of sale. The key thing to establish when purchasing a tank is whether it is a mouth to lung or direct to lung. Most direct to lung tanks can ONLY be used with devices/mods that are designed for that purpose.

 If you are unsure of any of the Terms Used please see our Beginners Guide to Vaping our FAQ section or for anything else please Email Us


What is the difference between Mouth to Lung and a Sub Ohm (Direct to Lung) Tank 

Everyone draws on a vape slightly differently, some hard and fast some slow and long all of these things play a part when using nicotine based vaping products.


Mouth to Lung is used to describe when the user takes the vapour into their mouth and then inhales it into the lungs. This is the most common way people vape or smoke so is the usual place to start with vaping

Direct to Lung is used to describe when the user takes the vapour straight into the lungs bypassing the mouth. This type of draw is used to create bigger vapour clouds. More associated with a shisha style of vaping and often where vapers progress after a period of time dealing with their nicotine dependance.


Tanks are usually designed for one way or the other. The easiest way to tell is if they have large air channels they are for direct to lung and if they have small holes to let the air into the tank they are designed for mouth to lung.

The restriction of the air channels is what makes the mouth to lung vapes the most natural choice for people looking to switch from traditional smoking. Often a smoker needs to feel as if they are pulling against some thing like a filter on a cigarette. The wide open air channels of a Direct toLung Sub ohm vape cannot provide this.

There are devices that cater for a best of both worlds this is known as Restricted Direct to Lung but still requires the vapour to be taken straight to lung rather than more natural way most people smoke which is Mouth to Lung.