Short Fill E-Liquids

Short fill e-liquid enables you to be incredibly flexible and inventive with your vaping experience. A short fill bottle is filled to around 80% capacity, allowing you to add your own nicotine to your required strength preference and taste, however, and whenever you please. Following the TPD legislation in 2017, e liquids that contain nicotine can be no larger than 10ml; by adding 1 x nicotine shot to a 50ml short fill e-liquid it becomes 60ml of 3mg nicotine e-liquid while adding 2 x nicotine shots in a 50ml short fill becomes 70ml of 6mg e-liquid. For related products, check out our wider range of e liquids and concentrates, or check out some of the larger brands that we stock, like Zeus Juice and Element Eliquids to name just two

Every 50ml purchased qualifies for a Budget Shot for 1p 

Every 100ml or 200ml purchased qualifies for 2 x Budget Shot for 2p  


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What is a short fill?

A short fill is a large bottle of over flavoured e-liquid with no nicotine in it. The bottle is deliberately short filled to make room to add nicotine shot or shots 

Add a 10ml 18mg nic shot to a 50ml short fill to make 60ml of 3mg Liquid

Add 2 x 10ml 18mg nic shots to 100ml short fills to make 120ml of 3mg 

Add 4 x 10ml 18mg nic shots to a 200ml short fill to make 240ml of 3mg although often vapers add 2 x 18mg shots to 200ml bottles and vape at 1.5mg. 

If more nicotine is needed it is advised to decant into different empty bottles  but bare in mind the more you dilute with nictine shots the more you dillute the flavour


Most short fill bottles only have enough room in the bottle to create a 3mg eliquid. 

If you wish to keep the liquid as 0mg nicotine the vaper can add the equvilent in PG (propylene-glycol) , Vg (vegetable glycerin) or both in your chosen ratio