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A mech mod (also known as ‘mechanical mods’) is the preferred choice for many experienced vapers who enjoy using rebuildable atomisers and Sub Ohm vapes, making them particularly popular among cloud chasers. Mech mods should be used by experienced vapers with a good understanding of Ohm’s law. As the name suggests these work mechanically and as such have no protective circuitry and no adjustability. Please ensure you only use high drain batteries capable of delivering the amperage required for your build. If you’re searching for a different kind of vaping experience, browse our range of RDAs, RTAs and accessories here at Vapers Online.

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The mechanical mod sits firmly within the upper tiers of vaping, offering users a technical and powerful way of vaping. Using a mechanical mod is perhaps the rawest kind of vaping possible, thanks to its unregulated output. It’s important to remember that a mechanical / unregulated vape device is recommended to only the most experienced users out there. These are users who have an extensive knowledge of battery safety, battery output, Ohm’s law and vaping as a whole.

Nevertheless, vaping maestros will tell you that using a mechanical is an experience unlike any other. Through the simple act of pushing the fire button, you complete a circuit that runs the power of your vape battery through your unregulated device and into your atomiser