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  • How to Fill my Tank?

    Each tank will have its own way that it needs to be filled. Some fill from the top, some fill from the bottom.

  • Why Does my Tank Leak?

    Leaking tanks can be down to several different factors.

    • It may have been filled too high

    • The coil may need replacing

    • The user maybe pulling too much liquid into the coil as they draw but not using enough power to evaporate it.

    • The tank maybe damaged and air is getting into it

    • Seals maybe damaged or missing

  • How to Clean my Tank?

    Everything but the coil can be rinsed under the tap. For real stubborn flavours that you cannot get rid of place the glass section in a glass of alcohol for a few hours.

  • What are Loyalty Points?

    Loyalty points are available to collect on all products. Each point you gain has a monetary value which equates to £1 back for every £30 you spend. This is on top of any discount you may use on the site. That's an extra 3.3333% discount every time you order. You can either build it up or spend it as you go it is entirely up to you. Log in and Opt in now to start saving. 

  • How do I Redeem my Points?

    You must have an account to redeem points. Log in and select My Points. If you wish to spend your points click Convert points to E Wallet this will be as good as currency at checkout.

  • How Much is Delivery? 

    UK Deliveries

    We offer free tracked delivery on UK orders over £20 these are sent via Royal Mail Tracked 48 with the option of DHL Next Day * or Royal Mail Tracked 24 for orders over £40. Royal Mail Tracked 24 will be used for Non Mainland UK & Northern Ireland

    Half price DHL next day available for Uk mainland over £20 also

    You can select Special delivery before 1pm from £5.70 upwards depending on weight 

    An estimated delivery time will be shown when selecting your delivery option.

    Royal Mail have started Saturday and Sunday deliveries in some areas for RM Tracked 24 or Special Delivery options only


    European is £9.79 tracked and signed with Royal mail Price increases based on weight

    International ie USA from £11.20 Price increases based on weight 

    *Orders will be sent by the delivery method selected.



  • When Will my Order Arrive?

    If you are in the United Kingdom Nine times out of Ten if you order before 4.00pm Monday to Friday

    we hope to get the delivery to you next day, Tracked or RM24 service is selected

    Saturdays we post out at 12 midday hoping for delivery Monday morning.

    DHL is a next day service to mainland UK. DHL do not deliver Saturday or Sunday so Friday, Saturday and Sunday will not be next day

    If sent RM48 it may take another day or two

    Special delivery by 1pm should arrive by 1pm the next day.

    European orders should take 3 to 5 working days

    The rest of the world should take 5 to 7 working days

    Please be aware that once it has left our hands we are relying on the courier chosen to deliver on time and rarely things can happen to delay

    See specific couriers terms for their policy on delivery times if there is a delay.

  • Do you use Discrete Packaging ?

    We use Discrete Packaging usually plain white envelopes or plain boxes with only our postage label with the V from our logo on it and a return address. This is to not attract attention during delivery. 

  • I Cannot taste vape liquid

    When a smoker decides to quit cigarettes their taste buds have taken a bit of punishment over the months or years by the chemicals and carcinogens from the burning in a traditional cigarette. A long term smoker develops coping mechanisms to deal with the damaging chemicals that are put into the body. Its our bodies natural protection. This more often than not leads to tastebuds being damaged to a point where they cannot taste flavour very well untill some time has past after giving up smoking and they have had time to heal and taste again. This is one of the reasons the disposable vapes are popular with smokers wanting to quit as the flavour content is almost doubled in a disposable to ensure a smoker can taste them. 

    After a few months many will find the extra flavour too much and move to a more traditionally flavoured liquid but in the beginning the extra flavour is very useful. Therefore a type of liquid called Bar juice has been created by many different manufacturers to recreate the favourite flavours found in the likes of lost mary, crystal bars, elf bars and elux etc.

  • What is 50pg50vg or High Vg

    E-Liquids can come in a variety of ratios 50pg/50vg and High Vg 30pg/70vg are a couple of the most popular but what does it mean?

    In simple terms the PG figure shows how thin a liquid is and the VG shows how thick.

    Certain devices work better with certain ratios also different people have a preferred ratio It is often the case that the VG is smoother than PG.

    In most cases a Sub Ohm kit or Direct to Lung or more cloudy device would require a higher VG content and a Mouth to Lung would require a more balanced ratio like a 50pg/50vg This is where the term E-Liquid Ratio comes from. Each kit or tank on Vapers online is marked with its recommended juice ratio

    Go to link to learn more about What is Direct to lung and Mouth to lung 

  • What Nicotine Strength do I need?

    This decision will be made based on the device you are choosing, if it is a mouth to lung or a direct to lung device and the amount of traditional cigarettes you used to smoke. For an explanation of mouth to lung and direct to lung please see the frequently used terms section.

    Mouth to lung

    0 to 5 cigarettes a day – 3mg Freebase Nicotine or 5mg Nic Salts

    5 to 10 cigarettes a day – 6mg Freebase Nicotine / 5mg or 10mg Nic Salts

    10 to 20 cigarettes a day – 12mg Freebase Nicotine / 10mg Nic Salts

    20 to 25+ cigarettes a day – 18mg Freebase Nicotine / 20mg Nic Salts

    Everyone is different but use this as a guide so you know where to start.

    For most people a freebase or nic salt could tickle your throat for a day or two until you get used to it but if it is really irritating perhaps go down a strength and try that. If you find you can’t put the device down and it’s a problem then go up a strength. There is no harm in going up or down a strength the main thing is you are not smoking or at least not as much. The burning and chemicals in regular cigarettes is what kills not the nicotine.

    Direct to lung.

    5 to 15 cigarettes a day – 3mg Freebase Nicotine / 1.5mg - 3mg Nic Salts

    15 plus cigarettes a day – 6mg Freebase Nicotine / 5mg Nic Salts

    Anything above a 6mg for most in a direct to lung device will be very harsh but everyone is different so if that’s what you need then go for it.

    The main thing to remember here is nicotine wasn’t the thing in traditional tobacco that was doing the damage. Think of it like caffeine it essentially is as harmful to the body as that.

  • What are Nicotine Salts

    Salt nicotine is refined differently from traditionally refined nicotine (freebase). It is designed to give an instant hit but be a smoother vape than traditional nicotine at the same strength.  A 20mg will feel like a 6mg on the throat but will benefit from the hit of a 20mg in the head. This is a great help to those that recently switch to vape as those new to vaping can find higher strengths harsh. Its worth keeping in mind whilst the hit is quicker it can wear off faster than traditional freebase nicotine.

    Salts come in 10ml bottles flavoured and usually in strengths of 5mg, 10mg & 20mg.

    There are also salt nicotine shots for adding to short fills these however are diluted in 0mg liquid to create larger bottles than the 10ml that salts are usually found in. Due to the dilution of the flavour and strength only 3mg to 6mg is reachable using this method.

  • What does mg or % nicotine mean

    The way an e-liquid company measures their nicotine determines how they display it on their bottles. It used to be that in the UK it was always displayed as mg because of the metric system and outside of the uk it was displayed in %. See the chart below.

         0mg = 0mg/mL = 0% Nicotine or Nicotine Free
         1.5mg =1.5mg/ml = 0.15% Nicotine
         3mg = 3mg/mL = 0.3% Nicotine
         6mg = 6mg/mL = 0.6% Nicotine
         12mg = 12mg/mL = 1.2% Nicotine
         18mg = 18mg/mL = 1.8% Nicotine
         20mg = 20mg/mL = 2.0% Nicotine

    Often people see 2% on the likes of a disposable from China primarily and they assume that it is a very low nicotine content. This however couldnt be further from the truth as 2% is infact 20mg which is the highest nicotine content permitted in the UK and Europe. 

    The confusion can also come from trying a low nicotine like a 3mg to 6mg freebase liquid and they find the higher strength 2% or 20mg Disposable much smoother on the throat and easier to use. This is because disposables contain salt nicotine extracted in a different way than traditional freebase from a tobacco plant. To understand Freebase or Regular Nicotine, Salt Nicotine and their differences  Click Here

  • What is a Nicotine Shot?

    A nicotine shot is an unflavoured usually high nicotine 10ml bottle that is used to add nicotine to 0mg or nicotine free short fill bottles to create a big bottle of nicotine containing e-liquid.

    • 1 x 18mg shot in a 50ml short fill will give you 60ml of 3mg e-liquid

    • 2 x 18mg shots in a 50ml short fill will give you 70ml of 6mg e-liquid *

    • 2 x 18mg shots in a 100ml short fill will give you 120ml of 3mg e-liquid

    * Often there is not quite enough room to make a 6mg so the user will need to use more than one bottle or add as much as they can shake the bottle and fill a tank. The remaining nicotine can be added to the short fill afterwards

  • What is a Short Fill?

    A short fill is a larger than 10ml bottle of 0mg flavoured e-liquid that has been over flavoured and under filled to allow room for a nicotine shot. You may ask why wouldn’t you just buy a big bottle with nicotine in. There are laws in Europe that prohibit the sale of nicotine containing bottles over 10ml in capacity This is called the TPD or Tobacco Products Directive. The TPD does not cover 0mg or Nicotine free liquid so with short fills you can buy a big bottle of liquid and add nicotine after the fact. There are limits though as often the highest you can achieve is 6mg and usually only in a higher VG content. 

    If you use a mouth to lung device or your coils struggle to keep up with 70 Vg, a High PG shot is recommended to thin the liquid enough to allow you to use a bigger bottle. 


  • Can I have a Big Bottle of 20mg liquid?

    Unfortunately the law in the UK is currently that nicotine containing eliquids can only be sold in a 10ml bottle.

    Big Bottle or shortfills are bottles larger than 10ml that are nicotine free, extra flavoured and filled short to allow enough room for nicotine shots. 1 x nic shot in a 50ml makes 60ml of 3mg. 2 x nic shots in a 100ml make 120ml of 3mg. It is not possible to make them higher due to the dilution of the flavour and the liquid. The more shots you add the weaker the liquid gets. The only way to get a big bottle is to buy several 10ml bottles and decant into a big bottle yourself.

  • What does Nicotine Level mean ?

    Choosing the right nicotine when vaping is crucial for keeping the cravings away. Either start low and get more if you need it or start high and reduce.

    A guide to choosing your nicotine strength - Everyone is different if more nicotine is needed then use it. The nicotine wasn't the thing harming you as a smoker The tar and carcinogens of lit tobacco is what causes the bad health

    Numbers are given based on if you used your vape the same amount of time or draws that you did on a traditional cigarette 

    3mg - In a regular MTL vape will cover a smoker up to 5 a day with moderate use and 10 or more a day with heavy use 

    3mg - If using a a sub ohm or DTL device this could cover more than 10 cigarettes a day 


    6mg - In a regular MTL vape will cover a smoker from to 10 to 15 cigarettes a day with moderate use and more with heavy use 

    6mg - If using a a sub ohm or DTL device this could cover up to and more than 20 cigarettes a day 


    12mg - In a regular MTL vape will cover a smoker from 15 to 20 a day with moderate use and 25 or more with heavy use 

    12mg - If using a sub ohm or DTL device this could cover much more than 25 cigarettes a day be aware this could potentially be very harsh for some


    18mg - In a regular MTL vape will cover a smoker from 20+ a day with moderate use and 30 or more a day with heavy use 

    18mg - If using a a sub ohm or DTL device could cover much more than 30+ cigarettes a day - This could be incredibly harsh for most 


    Salt nicotine is refined differently from traditionally refined nicotine It is designed to give an instant hit but be a smoother vape than traditional nicotine at the same strength. So an NS10mg will feel like a 3mg and a NS20mg will feel like a 6mg. NS5mg will allow the vaper to reduce their nicotine intake.


    Most people will find nicotine in liquid slightly scratchy on the throat at first but if it is really uncomfortable the likelihood is that it is too strong and it would be worth trying a lower strength. If its uncomfortable and its not as enjoyable as traditional smoking you probably won't do it 

    For more info on MTL & DTL please click here.

  • How Long Should my Liquid Last?

    On average a 10ml bottle will last a mouth to lung vaper at around 10 – 15 watts about 3 to 4 days but this is very individual as some use a lower nicotine strength than they need which means they use the liquid more. Some use a higher strength and a 10ml bottle will last a very long time

    On average a direct to lung vaper will use about 5 to 10ml daily in a device set around 50 watts.

  • How to Add Nicotine to a Short Fill

    A short fill is a large eliquid bottle with no nicotine in it with room in the bottle to add nicotine shot or shots 

    Add a 10ml 18mg nic shot to a 50ml short fill to make 60ml of 3mg Liquid

    Add 2 x 10ml 18mg nic shots to 100ml short fills to make 120ml of 3mg 

    Most short fill bottles only have enough room in the bottle to create a 3mg eliquid


  • What is E-Liquid Made From?

    E-liquid has 4 main ingredients.

    • Propylene Glycol – used to create a throat hit and as a thinner and main carrier of flavour

    • Vegetable Glycerine – used to create the vapour and as a thickener

    • Nicotine (if used)

    • Food flavourings

  • How to make E-Liquid

    Guide to making your own E-Liquid

    At Vapers Online we offer a range of flavourings otherwise known as e-liquid concentrates. They offer many benefits to the vaper from boosting the flavour content of an eliquid, for mixing your own e-liquid and most definately saving money.

    Most of the concentrates we sell are in 100% PG as this is the best ingredient for delivering flavour and recommended to be mixed at 15% to start off with but always check the listing to make sure. Mixed at 15% with the aim of making a 70vg ratio juice at 3mg a 30ml bottle of concentrate will make 200ml of Eliquid 

    What you would need: 

    • 1 x 250ml Bottle of PG 
    • 1 x 500ml Bottle of VG 
    • 2 x Nic Shots 
    • 1 x 30ml concentrate 
    • 2 x 100ml empty bottles 
    • 1 x Measuring Jug 
    • 1 x 30ml Syringe (optional)

    All ingredients found here in our DIY ELiquid Supplies section


    Recipe for 100ml of 30pg/70vg E-Liquid mixed at 15% concentrate:

    10ml Propylene Glychol, 58ml Vegetable Glycerine, 15ml concentrate. 

    To make it 3mg add 17ml of 18mg nic shots (Just over 1 & a half 10ml bottles)

    Shake, Shake and then Shake some more ! ! ! ! 

    Fruits will be ready to go Desserts will improve over a week but can be vaped.

    Each concentrate bottle will make you 200ml of juice at that percentage The other ingredients will last over 18 mixing sessions.

    There are many e-liquid calculators online to help you with the mathematics side We like Steam Engine as it is simple to use but we are here to help anytime you need it.

  • Can I mix Different Flavours?

    Yes most definitely as sometimes you can find some unique flavours this way. Please keep in mind that if you mix two different flavours with the same nicotine strength and ratio of PG & VG the nicotine strength and ratio will not be altered. If you mixed a 6mg with a 12mg and you used half of each you would have a 9mg result

  • How Should I Store my Liquids?

    E-Liquids should be kept in a cool and preferably dark place out of direct sunlight. The warmth and sunlight can effect flavour and nicotine in a negative way.

  • Can I use E-Liquid after the Best Before Date?

    E-Liquid can be vaped after the Best Before Date. E-Liquid can last at least a year if kept out of sunlight and often only gets better with age. It will not become toxic but after a year or so the flavour may not be as tasty as it once was. 

  • What is Steeping ?

    Eliquid Steeping is often thought of as a myth but certain liquids benefit from some time in a cool dark place to mature. This is often associated with sweet liquids that benefit from at least 2 weeks sitting to get to their best flavour.

  • What is DIY E-Liquid?

    What is DIY E-liquid ? As the name suggests DIY is Do It Yourself E-Liquid. Flavourings , dilutants and if required nicotine is mixed to make E-Juice. This seems a daunting task but it is just like cooking in a way. If you keep a clean environment, wear protective gloves when handling nicotine and do not sell to the general public then most people are more than capeable 

  • Battery Types

    There are two main types of battery in vaping

    A Built-in battery device that can be USB charged

    An external battery device that takes separate cells that should be charged via a dedicated battery charger

    Please note. Where it can get a little confusing is that sometimes the battery section of a device can be refered to as a mod.

  • My Battery Doesn’t last Long and I’ve not had it Long

    9 times out of 10 this is down to using the wrong lead or the wrong plug.

    Always use the lead provided and a plug that will let a slow trickle charge in Usually this is a 5v 1amp plug.

    If this is what you have been doing let the battery run down low and then plug the USB into your computer USB socket. This is often a very slow charge of 300mah or less, batteries like this as it gives it plenty of time to soak up all of that good energy.

    Batteries that have been charged incorrectly for a while will need reconditioning with a few slow charges to get them back to a better performance

  • What is a Good Charging Regime?

    If the battery is built in to the device i.e. not removable always charge the battery with lead provided and unless stated always using a 5v and 1amp USB Plug. Some plugs are designed for quick charging tablets and phones etc and this is too much too quickly for most vape devices.

  • What is the Difference Between Built in or Separate Cell Batteries?

    Built in

    If the batteries do not come out then use the usb lead provided with the device (Always use the provided lead for safety reasons) Not all usb leads that look the same are the same. The reason it is fine is because the manufacturer has tuned the charging for the exact cell they have used and the exact lead they have provided.Just make sure you are present when it is charging and do not leave them over night. Alway use a plug that will put a slow charge in if you can 1 amp preferably but if it gets hot use a plug that charges slower. If in doubt ask your local store 

    Examples of batteries or mods with built in batteries


    Separate Cells

    It is not recommended that users charge their separate cell devices with a usb lead in to the device. These devices can be charged via usb as an emergency measure but is not recommended as a permanent solution. This is not a line to sell chargers there are significant reason why it should be done externally. Do not assume that it is safe. These batteries are not made for vaping and the manufacturer has no idea what cells you are using. Best to use the safer solution of a named quality charger. Hint: if it has fire in the title it probably isn’t the safest for high drain vaping ie 30 watts plus

    Examples of mods that take external cells

  • What Does mAh Mean?

    mAh is an abbreviation for milliampere hour. mAh is calculated by multiplying the amount of time the battery lasts by the amperes of the discharge current so essentially the higher the number of mah the longer it will last.

  • How Many mAh do I Need?

    This will depend on what you want to do. Most mouth to lung vapers will get through a working day with 1200 mAh up to 2000 mAh for the heaviest of users.

    A direct to lung vaper would need 3000mah at least to do the same as direct to lung vaping is more taxing on the batteries resources.


  • What does 18650, 21700 etc mean?

    18650 etc refers to the size or measurements of a battery or more accurately a lithium-ion battery cell ie 18mm by 65.0mm or 21mm x 70.0mm

    The 18650 is the most popular rechargeable battery in vaping. There are other sizes available like the 21700, 26650 and the 18350 to name a few. The battery life is determined by the mAh or milliampere hour

  • When Should I Buy a New Battery?

    It is time to get a new battery when the battery is not performing as you expect it to. When it is holding charge for half the time it once did or it gets very warm doing the simplest of tasks. The time it takes to get to this point will be different for each user based on usage and how the unit has been charged. For best results charge the battery as slow as you can and plug it in when it needs it and remove it from charge when it is done. Do NOT put it on charge and leave it there until you go out the next day if the cell needs an hours charge then give it an hours charge.

  • When Should I Change my External Battery?

    Change your batteries when they stop performing as you want them to. If you are running them at a low wattage ie under 15 watts then they could last a year or more. If you are draining them heavily at 50 watts or more then they could well be underperforming after 6 months. Your charging regime will play a big part in this. Make sure your external cells have perfectly intact wraps on them If they have any of the metal showing under the wrap or the insulator on top please either re wrap or buy new cells 

    If you have any doubts about your charging routine just ask. Batteries get warm when they charge but if they are red hot then its time to look into it


  • Why Should I use a Dedicated Battery Charger?
    1. Most vapes cannot balance charge more than one cell. One cell is charged and then after that the next cell is charged. All of the drain, excess heat and over use of that one cell causes strain on that 1st battery in the vape and ultimately leads to the demise of that 1 battery leading to the need of a new pair. If lucky it will just stop working if unlucky the cell may go into melt down 

    2. If your batteries are not the same age, ie the same amount of charges, the same amount of use and charged together for their whole lives then they are unbalanced. Meaning they cannot deliver the high output required by your vape. This will lead to low performance and low battery life. 

    3. External chargers let you monitor the charge going in to your cells. Good quality chargers will put what is needed in as opposed to as much as possible as fast as possible which can caused issues. A good charger will slow the charge rate down to recondition a bad cell. Internal charging will not do this. Using a good external charger could mean your batteries getting you through a day away from your charging equipment or not. Ultimately it is up to you how safe you want to be. Yes an external charger may sound like a hassle to you but it depends on the risks you want to take on safety and performance.


  • Why Should I open an Account?

    Having an account allows you to take advantage of these features.

    • Checkout quicker

    • Collect loyalty points which can be redeem on site against any products. The more you spend the more you save.

    • Track your orders

    • View order history

    • Reorder feature which allows you to quickly reorder a previous order.

  • How Do I Open an Account?

    Opening an account is simple. Click on the login icon at the top of the page and create an account and fill in your details under registration. Alternatively it is possible to make an account whilst at the checkout stage 

  • What is PG?

    PG is an abbreviation for Propylene Glycol which is the thinner better flavour carrying part of e-liquid. it also helps re create the throat hit of smoking. You may hear the terms 50/50 or 70/30 these are E-liquid Ratios which determine how thick the liquid will be and what device it is designed for use in.

  • What is VG?

    Vg is an abbreviation of Vegetable Glycerin. The Vg content of an e-liquid determines how thick it is and ultimately how much cloud the juice produces.  You may hear the terms 50pg/50vg or 70/30 these are E-liquid Ratios which determine how thick the liquid will be and what device it is designed for use in.

  • What is Mouth to Lung & Direct to Lung

    Everyone draws slightly differently, some hard and fast some slow and long all of these things play a part when using nicotine based vaping products.

    Mouth to Lung is used to describe when the user takes the vapour into their mouth and then inhales it into the lungs. This is the most common way people vape or smoke

    Direct to Lung is used to describe when the user takes the vapour straight into the lungs bypassing the mouth. This type of draw is used to create bigger vapour clouds.

    Tanks are usually designed for one way or the other. The easiest way to tell is if they have large air channels they are for direct to lung and if they have small holes to let the air into the tank they are designed for mouth to lung.

    The restriction of the air channels is what makes the mouth to lung vapes the most natural choice for people looking to switch from traditional smoking.

    There are devices that cater for a best of both worlds this is known as Restricted Direct to Lung but still requires the vapour to be taken straight to lung rather than more natural way most people smoke which is Mouth to Lung.

    Why is MTL and DTL important to know about in vaping ?

    Its important that a vaper uses the right device for the type of vaping they want to do. A mouth to lung tank would require a different draw and a different liquid to a direct to lung tank. 

    Without the correct guidance often people will order a vape because it looks nice but has a terrible experience with it as they try and use it against the way iy is designed and often with the wrong liquid. 

    This leads to leaking, harsh vape, getting covered in liquid and coils burning very quickly. 9 times out of 10 the vaper has the wrong combination of items leading to a poor experience. 

    At Vapers Online we add a sash to each tank and Kit to tell the user what type of liquid is best for that device and we also tag it with the type of draw it is designed for 


  • What is All Day Vape?

    ADV or All day vape means a liquid that you can use all day without getting bored of it. Often we can get bored of a flavour to the point we cannot taste it (vapers tongue). An all day vape is that liquid for you that tastes great all day every day 

  • What is Vapers Tongue?

    Vapers Tongue is when your cannot taste your e-liquid anymore.  This can happen anytime but frequently happens when you are in the early stages of stopping smoking. It is the direct result of your taste buds redeveloping after how ever many years of being punished by the chemicals in smoking. 

    There are many different theories on a "cure" but often the vaper has to wait it out It can last an hour it could last weeks but in the main once your taste buds are back its short lived if it happens in the future. Try vaping some menthol or strong mint and stay hydrated would be our advice.

  • What is a Pod System?

    A Pod system is the term used to describe a device that used a plastic pod for a tank rather than a removeable glass tank. These started as a pre filled system that did not require any maintenance but has evolved into different forms 

    Prefilled Pod - These systems use a pod that has a coil and liquid inside. The user simply purchases a new pod when the last is finished. Pulls the old pod out and puts a new pod in. Traditionally these are draw activated 

    Disposable Pod system - Is a device that has a built in battery and coil and is pre filled

    Refillable Pod - Like the prefilled but requires the user to refill with their chosen eliquid. 

    Refillable interchangeable coil Pod - The user can change the coil and the liquid 

    Adjustable Pod systems - These come with adjustable power etc to tailor the experience to the individual using it.

    Pod Mod - Is a device that comes with a pod but can be used as a mod with a tank (sometimes with the use of an adapter)


  • What is the TPD?

    In Europe we have the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) this regulates us as a sector. After May 2016 the industry had to abide by the following laws.

    • Maximum Nicotine containing E-Liquid Bottle size is 10ml

    • Maximum Nicotine strength is 20mg or 2%

    • Maximum Tank size is 2ml

    • All Nicotine containing liquids must be tested by the MHRA

    • All products must be registered with the MHRA

  • What is a Mod?

    A mod is what the battery section of a vape device can be called. It comes from the early days of vape when the battery section was "modified" from tourches or other battery powered devices.

  • What are Rebuildables?

    Rebuildable atomisers or RBAs come in a few different forms They are a tank or a liquid vesal of some sort that allow the user to build their own coils and insert wicks rather than install a premade coil by the manufacturer.

    Rebuildable Tank Atomisers or RTA is a tank with the coil or coils and wick at the bottom of the tank, and Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomisers which is an RTA but with the build deck floating somewhere above the bottom of the tank with the wicks dropping into the liquid.

    Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers or RDA which has no tank as such the liquid is held in the wick alone and the user drips liquid on it when the wick is dry 

  • What is Squonking?

    Squonking is a term used to describe a bottom fed atomiser. The term comes from the noise a bottle makes when you squeeze it (squonk). The squonker was made as vapers got tired of re dripping into an RDA. Mods were designed with a bottle inside that you can fill with e-liquid. A "squonk" pin with a whole through the middle is then installed into the atomiser to allow liquid to rise from below when you squeeze the bottle This fills the chamber with eliquid and wets the wicks. The act of letting go of the bottle draws the excess from the chamber.

  • Why are There so Many Different Coils?

    Each device generally has its own coil or selection of coils.

    If a device has a selection of coils available, then each will have a specific function or recommended power

    Depending on what you want from your vape there is a usual one coil you will prefer. We recommend trying the different options to see which performs the best for you.

  • When do I Change the Coil?

    Change the coil when it tastes nasty or stops working. This should be somewhere between 1 week for heavy users to 4 or 5 for low to moderate users. Coils can also perish if left unused for a while sat in e-liquid.

  • How Long Should my Coil Last?

    Coils last a different amount of time for each person as it depends on the liquid used, the amount of sweetener in it and the pg/vg ratio amongst other things. Everyone draws slightly differently a slow gradual draw is recommended to pull a consistent amount of liquid into the coil. If you use your vape all day everyday then a coil should last you two to four weeks but this is very much device and liquid dependant. Heavy users may be changing coils every week. Check your coils recommended wattage range Running too low or too high can cause a coil to perish quicker.

  • Why Does my Coil Always Taste Burnt?

    This could be down to the user not priming the coil correctly, the liquid used or the way that they vape.

    If you take very long draws or a few in quick succession it can exhaust all of the liquid in the coil which is possible even with a full tank of liquid. The liquid in the tank re saturates the coil after each time you have a go on it but this does not happen immediately it can take a few seconds to fully saturate the coil again.

    Ultimately if it tastes burnt it is because it is burnt. This can be the cotton was heated whilst dry before it has saturated or there is a build up of residue from the e-liquid from regular use.

  • What Does Priming Your Coil Mean?

    Every time you change your coil it is important to make sure that the new coil is correctly saturated with e-liquid so it is ready for use.

    It is widely regarded that filling your tank up and leaving the coil to sit for 15 to 20 minutes is the best way to do this.

    We have noticed that an air bubble can form in the coil causing it to not saturate properly so we recommend taking it further

    1. Add 5 to 10 drops to the centre of the coil (depending on the size of the coil)

    2. Fill your tank

    3. Take 5 to 10 long draws without pressing the power button on your device


    To make sure the priming process is done take one more draw without power if no bubbles come out of the coil you know it is ready to go.

    Check the coils recommended wattage range, Start the power low and work your way up until you are happy but do not exceed the highest rating or you will perish coils quicker.

  • What Does no Atomizer Mean?

    This message will appear on the screen of your battery if it does not see a connection between the battery and the coil in the tank. For batteries with no screen this is usually shown by the button flashing several times.

    Often the fix is one of these things

    • Make sure the coil is securely in place.

    • The coil may need replacing


    If you have another device try the tank on that as a process of elimination to find what part is causing the issue.

  • Does Vape Smell?

    Only of the flavour you are vaping. So if you vape blueberry that’s what it will smell of. If you vape custard flavour it will smell of custard.

  • How Does a Vape Work?

    Vapes have a few main parts.

    • Battery that powers the coil

    • Coil that heats up via the battery to evaporate the e-liquid

    • Tank that houses the coil and the e-liquid

    • Mouthpiece to inhale the resulting vapour through

  • How Old do you Have to be to Vape?

    In the United Kingdom you need to be 18 years old to vape although a challenge 25 system is often in place where identification will be asked of people who look under the age of 25 years of age.

    In our vape shop we ask for valid proof of age via passport, driving license, proof of age cards with a PASS logo, such as, a CitizenCard. 

    Online new customers are required to pass an age check on first purchase. 

    This applies to all products found in our stores regardless of nicotine content or other uses of such products. 

    It is also illegal for a adult to buy vape products for a person under 18 years of age. 

    These laws came into effect in October 2015 Link to Governement website and legal age to buy vape products

     Challenge 25 poster

  • I got my Device Home and Nothing is Happening

    Is the battery turned on? Most have a 5 click in 2 seconds on/off system others have a three click. This is quicker than you may think so try clicking the button very fast If it flashes it is turning on or off.

  • Why is my Vape Leaking?

    This is not a popular answer but leaking is often down to user error and rarely down to the vape itself. Here are some of the main causes when a vape leaks.

    Do not overfill. Always leave a good air bubble of space. The pressure of shutting the fill hole will force liquid into the coil causing it to flood. If there is too much liquid in the coil it has no where else to go but to leak out.

    Another way is if you are pulling more liquid into the coil each draw than you are vaping. If thats the case turn the power up so you vape more liquid each draw or open the airflow a little to create less suction. These two settings help you find the right balance of enough liquid in the coil to provide a flavourful vape but not too much so when resting the extra liquid leaks from the device. The cotton in the coil can only hold so much liquid.

    If you only take short 1second draws Start taking 2 to 3 second draws as a short draw doesnt allow the coil to heat enough to vape the liquid you are pulling into the coil. 

  • What are the Down Sides to Vaping?

    Vaping is a way to deliver nicotine in an at least 95% safer way than traditional smoking (as stated by the Royal College of Physicians)Link to GOV website

    Of course it is better to not be dependant on nicotine so you may wish to reduce that over time and then give up vaping as the safest way to smoke or vape is to not smoke or vape at all but that is a choice only you can make.

  • How much nicotine in vape compared to cigarettes

    To establish the equivelent in vape to one cigarette we need to understand how the two are measured. A cigarette will containe between 0.1mg and 3mg depending on the brand or variety ie low low or high nicotine. If we take an average of that a pack of 20  medium strength cigarettes will contain 30 to 40mg of nicotine. A 10 ml bottle of 20mg per ml of e-liquid will contain 200 mg of nicotine. If we take the average that would equate to 6 to 8 packs of average strength cigarettes. A disposable vape usually contains 2ml of 20mg eliquid which is 40mg , the equivelent of a pack of medium strength cigarettes. 

  • What Should I Buy as my First Vape?

    The most common thing for smokers to want is something small and discrete but as they progress they may want more battery life which means their device will get bigger and bigger as the larger the battery the longer it will last.

    In our opinion the best place to start is with a mouth to lung starter kit as it will feel the most natural to you as a smoker. The great thing about mouth to lung is it doesn’t have to be huge to last you a full day as mouth to lung vaping isn’t as taxing on the battery as direct to lung vaping is. This is the reason the cloudier of vapers carry such large devices. If you are a heavier smoker and want something discrete a pod system maybe the right choice. They come pre filled or refillable and are usually very small. The links below will take you to some examples and some more information.

    Examples of Mouth to Lung kits

    Examples of Pod systems

    Examples of some Direct to Lung Kits

  • Where Can I Vape?

    You can vape anywhere that the owner of the place you are lets you. It is not illegal to vape anywhere but it is common courtesy to ask if you do not know. If you wouldn’t smoke some where then you probably shouldn’t vape there but if you want to please ask the right person.

  • Quick Guide to Vaping

    Welcome to our Quick guide to E-cigarettes.

    This section also features a selection of the most used terms in vaping for a more in depth view please see our FAQ/Help Section


    The majority of people believe that e cigarettes have only been around for the last few years. This is not actually the case as the first e-cigarette idea was patented in 1963 but it wasn't until 2003 that Hon Lik a Chinese pharmacist and inventor came up with a process similar to what we know today after his father a heavy smoker died of lung cancer. It wasn't until late 2006 to early 2007 that e-cigarettes were exported from China.

    The early days of e-cigarette use were hard, troubled times and took a great deal of patience and determination to succeed with them. It wasn't until the last few years that devices got that much better that it has made switching to an alternative a relatively easy process.

    Nearly every single smoker I have seen who has been looking into switching has been very sceptical about e-cigarettes and rightly so as all that has come before it has been relatively unsuccessful but I can honestly say that e-cigarettes have taken the struggle out of it. Whether it be the hand to mouth process of inhaling or the exhale of vapour or the delivery of nicotine something feels very natural about vaping and takes the challenge out of the equation.

    Why are E-cigs better than traditional tobacco?

    This is very simple to answer as the main difference is that it is not tobacco and we are not burning anything. Therefore the vast majority of nasties are taken out of the equation. We cannot say that E-cigs are healthy because inhaling anything at all is not classed as healthy but what we can say is that it is far far better for you than smoking as you are cutting out the estimated 4000 ingredients that are in tobacco cigarettes and replacing it with the 4 ingredients in E-liquid.

    What is E-liquid?

    E-liquid is a flavoured liquid which can contain nicotine of varying levels. The user will typically set the nicotine level to what they previously smoked and then reduce that amount if they wish to not use nicotine any more.

    It is a myth that nicotine is harmful, yes it is addictive but the harm in cigarettes is not from the nicotine it is from the tar and carcinogens.


    E-liquid is made up of 4 ingredients typically

    1. Pharma grade Propolene Glycol (PG) which is found in asthma inhalers and food.

    2. Pharma grade Vegetable Glycerine (VG) which is found in food and the cosmetics industry

    3. Nicotine in PG or VG

    4 Flavourings usually sourced from the food and confection industry or extracted from the tobacco plant itself

    Different mixtures of PG and VG are needed for each devices coils to wick correctly and not leak. Too much PG in a sub ohm kit (DTL) could lead to leaking similarly too much VG in a pen style or low wattage device (MTL) could lead to dry burnt draws.

    A 70VG (70% VG) mix is common in a DTL device and a 50/50 (50%PG/50%VG) mix is recommended in a MTL tank.

    What is an E-cigarette or a vape?

    An e-cigarette or vape comes in many different forms but essentially it is

    1. Battery  

    2. Tank (vessel to hold e liquid)

    3. Atomizer or Coil (a coil of wire heated by the battery to evaporate the e liquid)

    The batteries are generally rechargeable and the tank can be washed

    The Atomizer or Coil which is the piece that does all of the work is perishable and will need replacing on a regular basis. This can be anywhere between a week and couple months dependent on usage.


    The ways people smoke & Vape

    There are three different types of draw when talking about vaping and this is very crucial when choosing your vape device. We have noticed that this is often where people make their mistake when they make a purchase.

    Each of us smoked or vape in a certain way for us to succesfully ween ourselves away from traditional cigarettes it is important to get over our dependence on them and the best way to do that is to mimic that experience. For most people that would be a Mouth to Lung device. Like a pen style or low wattage device.

    Mouth to Lung (MTL) is used to describe when the user takes the vapour into their mouth and then inhales it into the lungs. This is the most common way people vape or smoke

    Direct to Lung (DTL) is used to describe when the user takes the vapour straight into the lungs bypassing the mouth. This type of draw is used to create bigger vapour clouds.

    Restricted Lung Inhale is used to describe when a device is capable of both a mouth to lung inhale and a more restricted direct to lung inhale giving a best of both worlds in some peoples opinion.

    Tanks are usually designed for one way or the other. The easiest way to tell is if they have large air channels they are for direct to lung and if they have small holes to let the air into the tank they are designed for mouth to lung.

    There are devices that cater for a best of both worlds this is known as Restricted Direct to Lung but still requires the vapour to be taken straight to lung rather than more natural way most people smoke which is Mouth to Lung.


  • Why Should I Vape and not Smoke?

    This is fairly simple The key is nothing burns when you vape so none of the deadly cancer causing carcinogens are inhaled. That’s not mentioning the thousands of chemicals in traditional cigarettes that are not present in vape.

    Vape e-liquid has four pharma grade ingredients.

    • PG Propylene Glycol – found in asthma inhalers

    • VG Vegetable Glycerin – The mixture in cough mixture is sweet but no flavour

    • Nicotine – In the same class as caffeine as a stimulant

    • Food Flavours – Often taken from the sweet/confection industry

  • Will I Smell if I Vape?

    You will have a slight aroma of the flavour you are vaping but only when you vape not before or after like with smoking.

  • Can Vape Kill You?

    No vape won't kill you infact the Royal College of Physicians London have found that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. By switching to vaping you remove the deadly chemicals and carcinogens created when burning traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

  • Can I Vape without Inhaling ?

    It is posible to draw the vapour into your mouth and then exhale and still absorb nicotine if required. The capiliaries in the mouth will absord nicotine particles and you will still feel the benefit. Its not necesary to inhale to your lungs it is optional but saying that as most vapers come from smoking inhaling to the lungs is often a habit that has been developed over time.

  • Is vape bad for dogs ?

    Not at all the two main ingredients are water based and crucially evapourated and not burnt. Compared to smoking it is a much less harmful as vape does not contain the deadly chemicals associated with smoking.

  • My Goods are Faulty What do I do?

    Whilst we endeavour to ensure all products sold at Vapers Online are fully working, on the rare occasion items may slip through the net. In this instance for a detailed view please refer to delivery and returns at the bottom of each page or on the product page or see the general view below

    Returns proceedure:

    Before returning a product to us please contact us at and describe the issue. We will then do everything we can to resolve it for you. We may ask you to send images of the product to determine the issue. The staff member will ask a few questions to determine what is wrong with the product please do not take offense to any of the questions based on your knowledge of the product as we do not know everyones experience.

    Once determined Faulty or other please return to the address below for refund, repair or replacement and please include some information about the sale for example the invoice from the sale so we can identify who sent the item to us.

  • Can I Cancel my order?

    You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days of receiving your goods. The products must be unopened, unused and in original packaging.

    To return firstly you must inform us by email to: that you wish to return your items.

    They must then be returned to 

    Vapers Online, 14 Farm Road, Street, Somerset. BA16 0BJ  

    We will inform you by return that we have received the items they will then be checked by a member of staff to confirm they are unopened, unused and in original packaging. When confirmed we will then process your refund using the original payment method within 14 days of receipt.

    All returns are to be paid by the customer. We do not cover any postage or courier for returns.