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Here at Vapers Online we have one of the largest selections of disposable vapes. Simple to use and dispose of when finished with. None of the hassle often associated with refillable, rechargeable or devices you need to changes coils in. These small vapes are great for giving up smoking as its a format we are familiar with as a smoker. Simply take one out of the packet use it and dispose of it.  Great for nights out and festivals. If you are looking for lower strength bars Doozy Nix have 10mg and 0mg (no nicotine) options available. 

Disposables come in different sizes in terms of price, battery size, liquid capacity and amount of puffs. We have bundled a few brands together that can be purchased in a multi-buy mix and match.

ULTD Puff Bar Disposables are available at £3.99 each or 5 for £17.50

Elf Bar 600, ULTD XL Puff Bars, Geek Bars, Doozy Nix and Frumist Disposables 

All available at £4.99 each or buy 5 for £20

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If you are looking for something a bit more longer lasting then a pod system maybe right for you. These come as either pre filled or refillable. The pod essentially holds the liquid and the decission you make is pre filled for convienience of never having to fill or change a coil like a Dot Pro kit or the NZO kit or a complete refillable device that you can use your chosen eliquid in like these starter vape kits