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Keep your vape kits fully charged and ready to go at all times with a vape battery charger from our top-quality range here at Vapers Online. As one of the most essential vape accessories, vape battery chargers are a must-invest for any e cig user. Our collection includes everything from charger adaptors to USB charging docks, car chargers and external battery charger vape kits. With something to suit every mod type and preference, our vape battery charger and batteries range is a one-stop shop for keeping your vape mods running and running.

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Charging a built in battery device. If you are using a built in battery device we highly recommend you charge your device using a 1amp USB plug . This is the safest and most efficient rate to charge your battery. If you have a USB socket built into the wall stop using it immediately as it can damage your battery or worse especially if you are not using the lead that came with your device that regulates the amount of power going into the device. 

Charging an external battery device If you are using a device that takes separate batteries we highly recommend you using an Xtar charger . This is the safest and most efficient way to charge your batteries especially if your device has more than one battery in it. The charge ports on vapes are usually there to upgrade the firmware and are ok for emergency charging but are not built for day in day out charging although they have got better over the years an external charger like those from xtar are going to be much better for safety, performance and battery life. 

To be able to charge up to 2 - 4 batteries at once quicker a 2.1amp charger can be used. If you buy an 8 bay charger a 18w QC3 Wall Adapter will be needed to make the most of the charger.