Moving on from disposable vapes

With the huge success of disposable vapes over the last few years we are seeing more and more people ask us about what’s next for them. Whilst disposables have helped huge numbers of smokers move away from cigarettes, cigars and rolling tobacco, we have also seen existing vapers turn to them as an easy hastle free alternative for when they are out and about. The convenience of these small devices can not be denied.

The downside of course is the waste involved. Not only do we see the boxes scattered about we have also seen the devices themselves disgarded. We like many vape businesses offer a recycling service for any disposables purchased from us which can be a costly excersise, which is perhaps why you never see battery/disposable recycling at convenience stores and petrol stations which sell these in great numbers.

We have also seen a huge increase in the number of counterfit and illegal vapes containing either 2.5 times the legal nicotine limit or over 10 times the maximum capacity allowed in the UK & EU. We can not stress enough how dangerous these devices can be as the ingredients have not been tested or registered with the MHRA and devices themselves more often than not do not meet the minimum safety requirements for sale in the UK or EU often manufactured in back street sweat shops in the far east.

A solution

There are a number of ways people can move on from these convenient yet expensive vapes without moving on to a full on vaping device. First of all is the Elf Bar Mate POD kit at £7.99 which takes your favourite Elf Bar flavours in a pre filled pod at £5.49 each or 6 for £30 that is simply swapped out when it runs out. with over 30 flavours of Elf Bar p1 pods you are sure to find your flavour. Following on from that you have products such as the Flexus Q from Aspire at £19.99, the Voopoo Doric 20s £12.99, The Aspire Gotek X at just £9.99 and the Aspire Minican Plus at £13.99 do a great job of replicating the experience of a disposable without being expensive or difficult to use or maintain. The latter three have no buttons to press or coils to change, simply prime the tank by filling with liquid, taking a dozen primer pulls, place on battery and vape away.

The same disposable flavours

Lots of manufacturers scrambled to make their own versions of popular Elf Bar, Elux, Lost Mary and Crystal Bar flavours. Vapers Online have (after exhaustive testing) chosen three manufacturers lines that very closely replicate the og disposable flavours. These are Bar Juice 5000, Seriously Bar Salt & Bar Drop Salts. Whilst not identical they are very very close to the original flavours. with popular flavours such as Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice, Mad Blue and Blueberry Sour Raspberry especially well received.

With these Bar Juice Eliquids costing just £3.99 each or 3 for £10 the daily equivalent cost of £1 compared to an Elf Bar at £4.99 each or 5 for £20 huge savings can be made without sacrificing flavour and convenience.

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