How often do you change your Vape Coil?

These coils are rubbish. Don’t use that device the coils don’t last. I’m changing my coil twice a day. You don’t want those coils, these ones are much better. These are statements I hear everyday. Vapers are convinced these statements to be true.

Most devices have a selection of coils available to us to find the one that works for us. Mostly this is from a power or wattage point of view not a how long they last point of view but still generally there is one that works best for each individual. If one person gets a month and the next gets an hour they can’t be bad they might not be right for you though.

The priming routine

We prime up the coil, some people put drops in the coil and some leave it for 10 mins as per the instructions in our vapes. We set the coil to the recommended power setting or maybe below it and work our way up and then start to vape. Thats it right I’ve primed the coil it should be fine ?

Wrong … The most common denominator for people that burn out coils too quick is usually they expect the vape to be able to keep up with them. In reality the vapes not that clever, everyone draws slightly differently

Types of inhale.

Mouth to lung or direct to lung it doesn’t matter. Most people with cigarettes they smoke a certain way where they start off slow and within 2 seconds they are drawing harder and the cig is out of their mouth then they inhale. They accelerate their draw.
A vape needs to operate differently to that. It needs a 3 to 5 second plus draw that’s as consistent a draw at the start as it is at the end or the coil won’t be fed correctly and it could burn out quick.

More info than most want to think about in the main and again its often difficult to get your head around.
Just experiment and adjust settings until you have your set up balanced.

Why are my coils burning so quick ?

9 times out of 10 what is probably happening is the coils aren’t keeping up with you.
The coil doesn’t necessarily replenish the liquid in it each draw you take. So if you take 2 or 3 draws in quick succession it will exhaust all liquid in the coil meaning you take one more hit and the coils cotton will burn.
This can happen even with a full tank of liquid .
It’s like a sponge. If you throw it in a sink it takes a while to soak it. It’s quicker if you squeeze it but won’t necessarily soak through with one squeeze

Tips for getting coils to last longer

  1. Prime them well. Put a drop on each bit of white cotton you see and 4 or 5 in the coil *
  2. Take 4 or 5 long draws without power *
  3. You can burn a coil with a full tank of liquid. If you get a slight incling of burning or lack of flavour stop vaping and take 4 or 5 drags without power *
  4. If you find you are consistently getting burning taste after a couple of drags. Turn down the watts
  5. Still burn ? Shut the airflow a little to get more suction to feed the coil better.
  6. Check the recommended wattage. Don’t run it too high or just as important too low. Both will kill coils.

* = more on a big coil, less on a smaller coil

Things to Consider.

Thickness of juice

WHY – Too thick to feed the coil. Too thin and flooding the coil

Power setting (wattage)

WHY – Power too high and vaping too much liquid per draw. Power too low and not vaping enough


WHY – Too much air not enough suction/vacuum to pull in enough juice. Too little air pulling in too much juice

How often you draw ?

WHY – Too many draws in a small amount of time doesn’t let the coil catch up.
Test if the coil is ready by taking a primer puff or two without power. If bubbles come out of the coil it has dry cotton in it.

How long you draw

WHY – Too long a drag and you vape all the liquid in the coil and burn cotton. Too short a draw and you aren’t pulling enough liquid in the coil.

Is your nicotine too high ?

WHY – Too high nic might be stopping you from taking a long enough draw to pull enough liquid into the coil

Is your nicotine too low ?

WHY – Too low nic and you are drawing on the vape so much you dry it out and burn it as you are chasing the next hit.


Following these tips should help you get longer out of your coils. If the coil isn’t offering enough think about what isn’t enough. Do you actually need more nicotine. There is no shame in that, nicotine is no worse than caffeine.

If you want more vapour or warmth get a more powerful coil or it maybe time to step up your vape gear.

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