Vape Kit Review – Istick P100 Pod Mod

Is this the best all rounder vape starter kit released in early 2021? Pre testing I would have laughed at that statement but after a good month or so with the device, I believe it is true. Let me tell you why.

What is it?

The Eleaf iStick P100 is a pod mod from Eleaf but what does that actually mean. The term pod refers to the type of tank or liquid vessel, which in this case is a pod. The pod is filled via a small bung that is conveniently placed on the side of the pod (see image below)

Eleaf IStick P100 Pod Mod
Dimensions – 106mm x 40mm x 30mm
Easy to fill via the bung in the side of the pod. A coil must be installed before filling.
XL Pods like the one pictured is an optional extra that can be purchased at the link below
iStick P100 Replacement pod and XL Pod

The Mod part of the name refers to the main battery and control of the device. It can power the coil in the pod but also a separate 510 connector can be purchased separately so that it can function as a regular mod. The user can then screw on their favourite tank etc and use it like any other vape battery.

The mod itself is made from Zinc Alloy which is solid in build and has some weight to it weighing in at 184g which adds to the quality feel.

Image demonstrates the Pod being removed and the 510 adapter being put in its place
Turn the P100 into a regular box mod with the P100 510 Adapter

The device has two main modes. Power mode which gives you full control over the wattage output, and is ideal for experienced users who like to tweak wattage output to suit their preferences. There is also a Smart mode that identifies the coil being used and works out the best wattage, making it suitable for vapers who prefer to take the guesswork out of setting power levels. This could save many coils from being burnt as a message pops up on screen as soon as you instal the pod to tell you the recommended wattage. Smart mode will also remember your proffered wattage and automatically set the output when that coil is placed on the device.

The iStick P100 comes with an impressive 3400 mAh battery capacity which even with the most powerful 0.2ohm GZ coil installed will last a few hours but thanks to the USB-C 5V/2A charging the device is charged back to full in a couple of hours.

I found with the 0.4ohm coil at 25 watts I was getting more than a day of moderate to high volume vaping. With the 1.2 ohm more than 2 days is possible unless you are vaping very high volumes.

Coil options and the recommended wattages

  • GZ 0.2 Ω coil: 45 – 65 W, Direct-Lung inhale
  • GZ 0.4 Ω coil: 20 – 35 W, Restricted Direct-Lung inhale
  • GZ 0.8 Ω coil: 12 – 18W, Mouth-to-Lung inhale
  • GZ 1.2 Ω coil: 7 – 13 W, Mouth-to-Lung inhale

Pros & Cons:

The Pros are this device will do a really good job for a-lot of different people and it is built to last. Solid construction and a plastic pod makes for a kit that is going to be hard to break. The USB connection, often one of the first parts to break is a USB C connection meaning no matter what way round you put the lead in its the right way, so it almost illuminates accidentally forcing the lead in the wrong way and breaking the charge port. The smart mode showing the user the recommended wattage is great for those that do not know what the technical parts mean.

There is a coil for the 4 main wattage ranges vapers enjoy. 7 – 13w , 12 – 18W, 20 – 35watts & 45 – 65watts. There are not many vapers out there that wouldn’t be satisfied with that. The pod creates great flavour with all of the coils but each user will find their favourite.

The Cons are it maybe a little too heavy for some and the button being on the front may not appeal to a few people. The mouthpiece may not be to everyones taste but it can be swapped for one of your choice. The main thing for experienced vapers maybe that it does not have an airflow control but the air is controlled with the coils you instal in the pod and a experienced vaper may use their own tank with the adapter.


For me this is the best all rounder vape starter kit released in early 2021. I have a feeling there is more to come from Eleaf this year, which is great to see after a year or two of not so great releases IMO. The Pod Mod is the current wave of starter kit and is far from what has traditionally come to mind when we think of pods.

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