Aspire Flexus Blok Review

A bit of background

If you have been vaping for even a small amount of time the chances are you have heard of Aspire. If not then then the short version is, Aspire have been a leader in the vaping world since vaping became well known. They have a reputation for well made, functional devices that just work. They also have a reputation for supporting their products and making multiple products that use the same coils like the Nautilus that they are still bringing out devices today for and that coil has been here since 2012. Due for release late May 22, The Flexus Blok is the next Flexus device from the now rebranded Aspire. The Flexus Blok is the next device in the AF family (Aspire Flexus) after the hugely succesful Flexus Q which has been responsible for many people moving on from disposables but even more crucially giving up smoking.

What did I think of the Flexus Blok?

Performance of the Flexus Blok is every bit as good as the Q and I’m liking the extra battery life. The Blok has 1200mAh battery to the Qs 700mAh so you really notice the difference.

Flexus Blok and Flexus Q side by side

The airflow on the Blok Pod can be opened up more than the pod of the Q which helps cool the 0.6ohm or 1ohm coil and make the restricted direct to lung draw more comfortable. On the flip side the mouth to lung can be closed right down to almost nothing if you wish. In general the airflow control has been improved since the previous device.

Flexus Blok Airflow control

Filling is much simpler and cleaner on the Flexus Blok with a slide up and down switch on the side revealing a large filling hole that I got a 100ml short fill nozzle in with ease. Those that use 10ml bottles like with salt nics are going to have no problem filling this. This system is a vast improvement on the rubber bung system used by many. I hope to see this on more devices in the future.

Flexus Blok fill hole. Simple slide switch to open and shut the fill port.

The charge port is on the side of the battery section sat underneath the button. The device stands up when charging or not being vaped which is better for keeping the coils wicked and less likely to flood. To indicate where the battery life is in terms of charge the button lights up different colours. 0-30% left is red, 30-60% is blue, 60-100% is green. For best results it is recommended you use the usb type c lead provided and a 5v 1amp plug.

The Blok also has 3 power settings. Low (red), Medium (blue) & High (green) which can be accessed by clicking the button 3 times when the device is on to toggle between the three. Each offer a little bit more vapour/power or less depending on your preference. Adjustment of the power settings and the airflow allows the vaper to really dial in the performance to suit exactly what they are looking for.

Having a more traditional mouthpiece is going to be good for smokers as it is the exact diameter of the filter on a cigarette which is really gonna feel familiar at a time when smokers are a little apprehensive. The tip can be swapped with your favourite 510 drip tip if you wish but I found dual o ring tips had to be used to get good stability.

The coils are the same as the Flexus Q. Aspire AF Coils available in 0.6ohm or 1ohm. The 0.6ohm offer a slightly warmer vape and perhaps a little bit more vapour especially with the extra airflow offered by the Flexus Blok but at the expense of the battery running out quicker between charges. The 1ohm aren’t quite as warm which I prefered but it was more noticable in the Flexus Q and I did get better battery life. Both devices give you one of each so you can test them and see which one suites you the best.

Aspire AF Coils

What liquids to use in the Flexus Blok or Flexus Q

I found most liquids between a 50vg and a 70vg in terms of thickness worked with the Flexus coils for me but if you are a beginner definately stick to 50pg 50vg or even 60pg 40vg as they will wick much more efficiently making your coils last longer. If you do get through too many coils for your liking with any device then try reading my blog on making vape coils last longer it gives you a few things to consider when you do burn out coils too quickly.

Whats missing?

There is very little in terms of negatives with the Flexus Blok. We have lost the super fast charge that was a feature of the Flexus Q but I didn’t find it slow to charge by any means. The first charge from flat took roughly 30 to 40 minutes with a 1 amp plug.

Other than the fast charge I have nothing but positive things to say about the Flexus Blok. A bit of a weird one but on the first day of testing I found sometimes depending on how I held the device my lips might get in the way of the airflow as it is on the top of the device but a slight position adjustment and that hasnt been an issue since.

Whatever you go for in the Flexus line i’m confident you wont be disapointed as the flavour and performance is on point. If you are looking for a great device for delivering nicotine, something to replace disposables, a everyday carry vape then you can do much worse than these. Forget your Smok Nords etc Aspire Flexus is the way ….

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