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How often do you change your Vape Coil?

These coils are rubbish. Don’t use that device the coils don’t last. I’m changing my coil twice a day. You don’t want those coils, these ones are much better. These are statements I hear everyday. Vapers are convinced these statements to be true. Most devices have a selection of coils available to us to find the one that works for us. Mostly this is from a power or wattage point of view not a how long they last point of view but still generally there is one that works best... Read More


Moving on from disposable vapes

With the huge success of disposable vapes over the last few years we are seeing more and more people ask us about what’s next for them. Whilst disposables have helped huge numbers of smokers move away from cigarettes, cigars and rolling tobacco, we have also seen existing vapers turn to them as an easy hastle free alternative for when they are out and about. The convenience of these small devices can not be denied. The downside of course is the waste involved. Not only do we see the boxes scattered... Read More


Aspire Flexus Blok Review

A bit of background If you have been vaping for even a small amount of time the chances are you have heard of Aspire. If not then then the short version is, Aspire have been a leader in the vaping world since vaping became well known. They have a reputation for well made, functional devices that just work. They also have a reputation for supporting their products and making multiple products that use the same coils like the Nautilus that they are still bringing out devices today for and that... Read More


Vape Kit Review – Istick P100 Pod Mod

Is this the best all rounder vape starter kit released in early 2021? Pre testing I would have laughed at that statement but after a good month or so with the device, I believe it is true. Let me tell you why. What is it? The Eleaf iStick P100 is a pod mod from Eleaf but what does that actually mean. The term pod refers to the type of tank or liquid vessel, which in this case is a pod. The pod is filled via a small bung that is... Read More


Vaping Restrictions before & after Europe

Like it or not we have left Europe. I’m not gonna get into that as it’s a touchy subject but because of this it could mean that the laws we currently adhere to as part of the EU could be readdressed. You maybe thinking wait what are you talking about so here is the short version of events that led to the TPD implementation in 2016.


Vaping and Coronavirus

The “unprecedented” times of the COVID 19 era are presenting many questions and very few answers for vapers and smokers. The last thing we need is to make life more difficult or to put ourselves in more danger. But as an industry that is exactly what we are seeing. Countless articles spreading rumours that vaping causes corona virus. This has led to many people who were perfectly happy vaping turning back to deadly traditional cigarettes stating one or a few of the following. If I’m more likely to catch COVID... Read More


UK Menthol Cigarette Ban Coming May 2020

Why not switch before your are pushed to an alternative. Some of you may not be aware as it hasn’t been widely published but in May this year 2020 Menthol cigarettes and flavoured rolling tobacco will be banned in the UK. Deborah Arnott of Action on Smoking and Health said: ‘Research shows that menthol in cigarettes makes it easier for children to try smoking and to go on to become addicted smokers. What can you do? There are many different menthols in the vaping world of varying strengths of... Read More

RDA vs RTA 02/09/2019


If you’re new to the world of vaping, you may have already read our Beginners Guide to Vaping which gives you the lowdown on all the basic elements of vaping that you need to understand to get yourself started. Those with a little more vaping experience, however, may have stumbled into advanced vaping territory where the likes of rebuildables are kept. If you’re looking for this kind of advanced vaping knowledge around rebuildables such as RDAs and RTAs, this guide is the place for you! We’re going to take a... Read More


USA Vaping Lung Scare NOT linked to life saving E-Liquid products

Some of you may have seen some horror stories in the media about vaping again. Not the now long debunked popcorn lung but something that seems much worse. Well again its news that isn’t quite what it seems To put your mind at rest it is NOT the vaping where an E-Liquid filled tank is put on a battery and vaped. Its all linked to Black Market Cannabis sales in the States. Cannibis is extracted incorrectly and dangerous chemicals are left in the product. Its no coincidence that nearly all... Read More