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RDA vs RTA 02/09/2019


If you’re new to the world of vaping, you may have already read our Beginners Guide to Vaping which gives you the lowdown on all the basic elements of vaping that you need to understand to get yourself started. Those with a little more vaping experience, however, may have stumbled into advanced vaping territory where the likes of rebuildables are kept. If you’re looking for this kind of advanced vaping knowledge around rebuildables such as RDAs and RTAs, this guide is the place for you! We’re going to take a... Read More


USA Vaping Lung Scare NOT linked to life saving E-Liquid products

Some of you may have seen some horror stories in the media about vaping again. Not the now long debunked popcorn lung but something that seems much worse. Well again its news that isn’t quite what it seems To put your mind at rest it is NOT the vaping where an E-Liquid filled tank is put on a battery and vaped. Its all linked to Black Market Cannabis sales in the States. Cannibis is extracted incorrectly and dangerous chemicals are left in the product. Its no coincidence that nearly all... Read More

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Apple Pie from Mama’s A Review by Ollie Perry

So, recently I’ve had the absolute pleasure of trying all of “mama’s” Eliquid range, and I must say they really have smashed these flavour profiles! If you’re in to your desserts then Mama certainly does know best! For todays review I’m going to take a look at my personal favourite of the Mama’s roster. Apple pie. For years Apple pie has been a staple of the e-liquid community, with many big names trying their hand at perfecting one of the most iconic and comforting dessert flavours known to man, and... Read More


The Beginners Guide to Vaping

For countless years, many people have enjoyed the age-old pastime of smoking tobacco. While it has been and still is enjoyed in various forms, with vaping, the activity has now been brought into the 21st century. Vapes, also known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, are far more versatile and also less harmful than traditional smoking, and so it’s little wonder that so many people are turning to vape devices either as a means of quitting conventional smoking or simply enjoying the fantastic variety of e-liquid flavours available to e-cig users... Read More

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What is the Best Vape Coil?

Not entirely happy with your tank ? Have you tried a different coil? Most of the tanks on the market have at least 2 or more coils to choose from that can change the performance. Usually a person will love one and dislike the others. What do the different coils do ? As with everything in vaping it’s a case of give and take. You can have more flavour but you will have less battery life and use more liquid. You can have more battery life and use a bit... Read More


Is vaping really that safe?

Vapers OnlineVaping for Beginners, Vaping How tos January 10, 2019 1 Minute Do you have someone in your life who really needs to give up but still isnt sure? We are happy to answer any questions they have. We want to help people stop smoking. If they need some confidence first this article covers most if not all of the big things people say about vaping. 1. But we aren’t sure if its safe. 2. What about Popcorn lung ? 3. Some university said it causes heart disease All propaganda of course but some of... Read More


How to charge my vape safely

How to charge my Vape Safely or Vaping Battery Etiquette As vapers we are trail blazing a fairly new technology.  Recently I have heard people describe their broken device or a device that no longer charges as it blew up.  This is easily said but can we try and use slightly less scary language as to a new vaper that is a red flag or potentially an excuse for them to keep killing themselves with traditional cigarettes. Whilst we are on the subject of batteries its important to talk about charging... Read More


Making the Switch to Vaping

So you’ve made the decision or someone has made it for you. Its time to try to switch to vaping.  “I can only give it a try” I can hear some of you saying. Some of you may have tried the other remedies out there and failed.  I myself tried several off the shelf ways of quitting and it just didn’t work.  This is why vaping works because initially you aren’t quitting anything. I promise you with the right device and nicotine strength liquid the process is very easy. I... Read More