Beginners Guide to Vaping

The Beginners Guide to Vaping

So, you’re all set to start you vaping journey - but where should you begin? The world of vaping is packed full of mystifying terminology, bewildering jargon and plenty of potentially confusing components, but mercifully, our expert team here at Vapers Online are on hand to lift the lid on what’s what.

From vaping device components, type of vape device, different types of e-liquids and vaping terminology, browse below and find out all you need to know here at Vapers Online.

Vape parts

Device Components

The principal port of call is to first understand what makes up your vaping device. A vape is made up of a number of different components, and understanding what they are and the role they play in your vaping experience is important, particularly if you plan to mod or upgrade your vape.

Drip Tip

This is the part of the vape that will come into contact with the mouth, allow you to inhale the vapour.


Next is the vape tank, the component in which your choice of e-liquid is held.


Below this is the vape coil, a metal coil which is surrounded by a wicking material, more often than not cotton. This is one part of the vape device that will need to be replaced fairly regularly, depending how often you vape. 

Battery or Regulated Mod

This is your vape device’s power source, and contains the electrics that are required to heat the coil, ultimately producing vapour. The battery’s capacity is shown in milliampere hour (mAh) while the power output is displayed in watts (W) or Volts (V).

What are the different types of vape out there?

Starter Kits

With so many different kinds of vape out there, it can be a little confusing at first trying to figure out which is the best type of vaping device for you. If you’re a novice to vaping, we would recommend beginning your vaping journey with a vape starter kit.

Many vape starter kits come complete with all that you need to begin vaping, including a USB charger for portable charging wherever you are, be that home or work. With replaceable parts, both maintenance and potential modification are easily achievable, and its wallet-friendly price tag means that the vape starter packs will prove an economical investment until you’re ready to upgrade your device to something more substantial or powerful. Just add e-liquid and you are vaping.

Vape Pens

There are many variations of vapes available to purchase. Some offer alternate battery capacities, power capabilities and other features, but they all offer the same functionality of a smaller, slimmer device that’s easy to carry around and enjoy. 

You’ll find that some vapes are button activated, while others are activated as you inhale on the device, otherwise known as ‘draw-activated’. While some vapes, most notably the pens aimed at beginners or those looking for something more portable, are simple in design, you can also purchase a vapes that features an adjustable power output, allowing users to tailor their vaping experience to just how they like it. This is especially useful if you enjoy a more intense flavour hit.

Box Mod & Tank

Once you’ve gained some experience vaping and reached an intermediate level, you’re most likely going to want to upgrade from your standard starter kits and vape pens to something a little more substantial.

Two of the most popular types of vape tank available on the market are Mouth to Lung (or MTL) and Sub Ohm tanks. MTL devices are especially popular among those who have quit or are quitting smoking, which is due to this method of vaping resembling smoking thanks to the restricted airflow of an MTL tank.

Sub Ohm devices allow a bit of flexibility on the TPD’s 2ml capacity legislation by offering extendable tanks, favoured among vapers of an experienced level. They also offer adjustable airflows, perfect for those who prefer a heavy hit, intense flavour or want more adjustibility

Larger tanks possess a greater liquid capacity, meaning that users don’t have to refill as much as you would with a standard size clearomizer.


E-liquid is the fluid that is used to impart flavour and nicotine to the vaper, this is achieved by heating the e-liquid via the coil, wire and wicking to then produce the device’s vapour.

E-liquid forms the cornerstone of your vaping experience. After all, without e-liquids, there’d be nothing there to vape! Many people tend to purchase their favourite e-liquid flavours without giving them a second thought, but what exactly is in your e-liquid? 

E-liquid, or vape juice as it’s often called, is fairly simple in its composition and is largely made up of one of or a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) as well as water, food flavouring and, in some cases, nicotine. 

The flavourings used in e-juice are similar to those that you’ll find in everyday food items such as ice cream and ketchup. These flavourings allow manufacturers the ability to achieve the many realistic and complex flavour combinations that vapers everywhere know and love.


You will most likely have noticed that e-liquids contain either a combination or one of the base ingredients propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), but what are PG and high VG e-liquids?

These important components provide the base of your vape juice, they differ in composition and characteristics, each offering vapers a different experience. The type or combination of e-liquids you pick will depend on how you like to vape and the device you use. A 50/50 is used in pens and low wattage devices and a higher VG content is needed to create those big clouds. It is important to use the right ratio of liquid for your device or the vaper may experience dry burnt hits with too much vg or leaking with too high PG.

PG E-Liquid

The more popular choice of the two, propylene glycol is not as viscous in consistency as its counterpart and offers a faster wicking time. This results in more pronounced flavour intensity and a bigger throat hit with less vapour density. 

VG E-Liquid

This is the less popular of the two in terms of how widely it's used, which is perhaps because the intensity of the flavour is less pronounced than that of PG. VG e-liquid is also thicker in consistency which results in more e-liquid build up on your device and less of a throat hit, however, it does produce much thicker vapour clouds, making it popular among ‘cloud chasers’.


Short-fill e-liquids were created to get around the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) regulation, which was introduced to restrict e-liquids containing nicotine to 10ml sized bottles. As a result of this, short-fill e-liquid bottles are larger in size and contain no nicotine, however, they’re only partially filled. 

For example, a 50ml short-fill actually has a bottle capacity of 60ml, leaving 10ml free for the addition of a nicotine shot. With the introduction of a 10ml bottle of an 18mg nic shot to your short-fill, you’ll ultimately end up with 60ml of e-liquid containing 3mg of nicotine. 

MTL (Mouth To Lung)

Mouth to lung vaping (also known as MTL) is similar to the process of smoking a traditional cigarette; you first take in the vapour into your mouth, then inhale into the throat and lungs. This allows you to experience flavours via your tongue first, before drawing the vapour into the lungs and exhaling.

It’s no surprise then, that this vaping style is favoured by those looking to quit conventional smoking and move from smoking a cigarette to a vaping device. It’s also the preferred style of vaping for users who like their vape to deliver flavour from their favourite e-liquids, rather than large clouds of vapour. In fact, the longer you allow the vapour to linger in the mouth, the more hit and flavour you’ll experience, and the fewer clouds you’ll produce.

Among the many benefits of MTL vaping is that MTL vaping devices are generally smaller than their DTL (direct to lung) counterparts, they do not need as much power to function this means they’re kinder on your vape battery, less vape juice is used overall and also vapour clouds are less visible and detectable by smell, this is often referred to as “stealth vaping”. 

DTL (Direct To Lung)

Rather than drawing vapour into the mouth, as the name suggests, direct to lung (or DTL) vaping involves users essentially breathing through their atomiser. Often likened to the breathing techniques used while scuba diving, DTL vaping can be a little strange at first, and involves the user delivering the vapour directly to the lungs in one smooth inhaling motion. 

This technique typically produces smooth, warm flavour hits as well as much larger vapour clouds when opposed to MTL vaping, making it the preferred vape style of choice among “cloud chasers”. This is not to say that DTL vaping is designed solely for cloud chasers, rather it can be enjoyed by anybody who is searching for this particular vaping style. 

Sub ohm kits are preferred for DTL vaping and given the more intense flavours and larger clouds produced, DTL users generally run their devices higher than the approximate maximum 25 watts of a Mouth to Lung tank, though many will have the option of much larger power outputs for when they want to deliver larger clouds. This does mean that DTL vapers will ordinarily burn through e-liquid more quickly than you would with MTL, and larger rigs are often needed to accommodate a more powerful battery.

There are devices that cater for a best of both worlds this is known as Restricted Direct to Lung but still requires the vapour to be taken straight to lung rather than more natural way most people smoke which is Mouth to Lung. Often it is possible to reduce the airflow on a sub ohm tank to get this experience 


What is the Best Vape for Beginners?

There can be numerous reasons that many start their vaping journey. For some, it’s quitting conventional smoking by means of using the familiar sensation of vaping as a stepping stone to quitting altogether. For others, a move to vaping may come about as a way to cut back on nicotine intake. Whatever the reason, there’s an amazing variety of vaping devices and vape starters kits available for those taking the first leap into the world of vaping. 

Vaping both looks and feels like smoking (if you use the mouth to lung style of course) and offer a means of intaking nicotine that can be regulated by using the right nicotine level for you and reducing the content over time if you wish. Once the nicotine cravings are taken care of then vapers generally move to a direct to lung device as the flavour is more intense. This then opens up the possibility of the cheaper short fills used with nicotine shots. 6mg is the highest nicotine content achievable with these liquids.

Vaping also eliminates toxic odours and second-hand smoke, as well as the build-up of tar in the lungs and carbon monoxide. 

The right starter vape for you largely comes down to personal preference, what you’d like to get out of your vaping experience and the size and shape of vape you would prefer to carry. Here at Vapers Online, we stock some fantastic starter vapes from the likes of Aspire, Innokin and Kangertech among others, so browse among them and find the right fit for you.