Vape Batteries

At Vapers Online we pride ourselves on our extensive choice of vape batteries and mods, all of our devices have been tried and tested before we make them available for purchase. Whether you are looking for your first, a spare e-cig battery for your existing vape kit or simply looking to replace or upgrade, you can be assured that we only stock the best reviewed and most reliable devices on the market today. You’ll also find a wider range of Battery cells here for external cell mods.

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There are two main types of battery in vaping

  1. A Built-in battery device that can be USB charged
  2. An External Battery device or Mod that takes separate cells that should be charged via a dedicated battery charger

The physical size of a seperate (external) cell battery is determined by the number ie 18650 or 21700 which indicates 18mm in diameter and 650mm tall etc

How long a battery will last is based off of the mAh which is an abbreviation for milliampere hour. mAh is calculated by multiplying the amount of time the battery lasts by the amperes of the discharge current so essentially the higher the number of mah the longer it will last.

In more simpler terms this will depend on what you want to do with the battery. Most mouth to lung vapers will get through a working day with 1200 mAh up to 2000 mAh for the heaviest of users.

A direct to lung vaper would need 3000mah at least to do the same, as direct to lung vaping is more taxing on the batteries resources.

The reason why a direct to lung or sub ohm vaper needs more mAh is that their coil runs at a higher discharge current therefore using the charge quicker.